Take Your Networking to the Digital Age with ConnectvithMe NFC Digital Visiting Cards

By - Marcom
30.03.23 11:27:05

Digital networking is the new normal, and there's no better way to get started than with ConnectvithMe. Our NFC-enabled visiting cards make it easy to connect with other professionals and exchange digital business cards. Just tap your card against another NFC-enabled device, and your contact information will be transferred instantly!

With ConnectvithMe, there's no need to fumble around with paper business cards or waste time typing in contact information. Exchange digital cards in seconds, and keep all your contacts organized in one place. Our app also lets you keep track of who you've met and when, so you can follow up after events or conferences.

If you're looking for a faster, easier way to network, look no further than ConnectvithMe!

What are NFC Visiting Cards?

As the world increasingly goes digital, so does networking. Business cards are often the first introduction that two people have to each other, so it makes sense that this tradition would also make the shift to a digital format.

NFC Digital Visiting Cards are just like regular business cards, except they use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to store your contact information. When someone taps their NFC-enabled device (like a smartphone) against your card, your information will automatically be transferred to their device. No more fumbling around for a pen and paper to exchange information!

Not only is this process more efficient, but it’s also more environmentally friendly since there’s no need to print out physical business cards. And if you’re worried about running out of battery or losing your phone, don’t worry – NFC visiting cards don’t require any power source and can be stored indefinitely without fear of data loss.

If you’re looking to take your networking game to the next level, ditch the paper business cards and go digital with ConnectvithMe NFC Digital Visiting Cards!

How to Use ConnectvithMe NFC Visiting Cards

If you're looking to take your networking to the digital age, ConnectvithMe NFC visiting cards are the perfect solution. With these cards, you can easily and quickly share your contact information with anyone who has an NFC-enabled device. Here's how to use ConnectvithMe NFC visiting cards:

  • Download the ConnectvithMe app on your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet.
  • Create a profile within the app and input your contact information.
  • When you're ready to share your information, simply hold your device up to another person's NFC-enabled device and they will be able to automatically receive your contact information. It's that easy!

With ConnectvithMe NFC Visiting Cards, there's no need for the exchange of business cards or fumbling around with phone numbers and email addresses. Simply download the app and start sharing your contact information with anyone, anywhere.

Benefits of Using ConnectvithMe NFC Visiting Cards

If you've been to a networking event, you know how important it is to have a good business card. It's your first impression and a way to make a lasting impression. With ConnectvithMe NFC visiting cards, you can take your networking to the next level. Here are some of the benefits of using ConnectvithMe NFC Digital Visiting Card


  •  They're more convenient than traditional business cards - You don't have to carry around a bunch of business cards with you. Just tap your card on the reader and your contact information will be stored electronically.
  • They're more environmentally friendly - Traditional business cards are made from paper, which is not very eco-friendly. ConnectvithMe NFC visiting cards are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about using them.
  • They're more interactive - You can store more than just your name and contact information on your ConnectvithMe NFC visiting card. You can also store links to your website, social media profiles, and more. This allows you to give your contacts a more complete picture of who you are and what you do.
  • They're more affordable - ConnectvithMe NFC visiting cards are less expensive than traditional business cards because they can be ordered in bulk. This makes them a great option for businesses or individuals who want to save money on their printing costs.

Creating Your Own Digital Business Card with ConnectvithMe

In order to create your own digital business card with ConnectvithMe, you will first need to sign up for a free account. Once you have done so, you can then begin creating your card by selecting a template and adding your own information. You can also upload your own logo or image, and select a background color or pattern. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can then print out your card or save it as a PDF.

If you want to take your networking to the next level, you can also add NFC functionality to your card. This means that when someone taps their NFC-enabled device against your card, they will be able to instantly access your contact information and connect with you on social media. NFC cards are becoming increasingly popular, so this is a great way to make sure that you are always ahead of the curve.