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You must be wondering, "What if there is no Internet Connection"

You must be wondering, "What if there is no Internet Connection"

By Sharath

Whenever a problem arises, there must exist an efficient solution.
ConnectVith.Me’s Digital Visiting Card took the responsibility to eliminate this pain by providing an all-in-one solution.
From sharing contact details and brochures to sharing the ebooks and presentations, as a personalised micro webs...

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How the digitalization changed in Insurance sector

By Sharath

Imagine you want to buy Health Insurance.
Earlier you needed to call the Insurance agent for 2-3 days and drive to their office to stand in the long line to verify all the documents, multiple trips and running around to provide the required reports, etc.

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One of the best networking tools to make a mark in this digital era is Digital Visiting Card

By Sharath

Is the mass adoption of the digital visiting card yet to come?
No, it's not yet to come, but instead, it has already started.
Digitalization is considered the 4th industrial revolution.

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