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Benefits of switching to Digital business cards

Paperless organization

Go digital and never run out of your Business cards. Manage your entire teams Business cards. Reduce costs and logistic hassles

Stand out

 Ensure your Business card stands out from the rest of the cluttered paper cards. Let your card travel far and remembered longer.

Connect back

Make it easy for your connections to save your contact details in 3 clicks, connect back in a single tap over multiple channels

Sustainability & CSR

We are losing more than 15 billion trees annually. What are you doing about it?

10 Billion business cards are printed every year!

88% of these are trashed, after the first week. 

Means your card is not being found when people need it, 9 times out of10 !

Going Digital is convenient to you and your customers

Create your Digital card for free

Convenient Enterprise grade features​

Responsive Design

Beautifully designed cards that adjust to every smart phones resolution

Fully Secure

Your contact details are fully secure and protected by best in class technology

Easy Sharing

Share over SMS, email, whatsapp or through your own personalized QR code

Save Contact

All your contacts information can be saved onto the phone's contact list or to Google spreadsheet

Contact Management

Add your contacts by scanning their printed cards. Digital copies are made available to the 

Enterprise as well

Instant Connect

Your new connections can easily recognize you and get back in touch at a tap of a button


Convenient and easy Dashboard to manage your employees and other assets. Change designs, marketing collateral and other permissions

Check Analytics

Just in case you are interested to know, how  your sales folks are doing.


API  Integration

API exposed for integration into other platforms 

like CRMs and HRM System. 

Easy integration and support available

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