About Us

ConnectVithMe is part of Abda Digital and is built by a team of passionate and skilled professionals who share a real passion for transforming people's lives with digital solutions. 

Abda Digital started in 2015 with a vision to develop innovative products for the digital space. Our enterprise-grade products have been consistently delivering value to our customers over the years!

We have been working hard towards evolving the digital space, which has earned us recognition amongst our peers and clients. We are a NASSCOM-recognized Emerge 50 company and HYSEA Enterprise Startup Winner 2019. Our Hola Enterprise platform was granted a patent in the USA and also won the Top 6 Jury Award at NPC 2018. ConnectVithMe is built on top of the Hola Enterprise. 

We are a part of India's fastest-growing accelerator -T Hub. 

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Our Motivation: Sustainable and Smart
Using digital visiting cards is a smart and sustainable choice that can have a significant impact on saving trees for the future of mankind.

Every year, billions of paper business cards are printed and distributed worldwide. The vast majority of these cards are thrown away within a week of being received, contributing to deforestation and environmental pollution. Digital business cards, on the other hand, are completely paperless. They can be easily created and shared electronically, without the need to cut down a single tree. By switching to digital business cards, individuals and businesses can make a real difference in the fight against deforestation. Every digital business card that is used is one more paper business card that is not needed.