Digital Business Cards
  • Digital Business Cards

    Sharing Business cards, is never more easier !

  • Enterprises, benefit from increased brand identity, reduced costs & carbon footprint !

  • Event managers, give your networking sessions a digital boost!

  • Know where your Digital card is travelling..

10 billion business cards are printed every year !

88% of these are trashed, after the first week. 

Ensure your card stands out. 

Make it easy for your contacts to reach you back

Never ever run out of your Business cards

Save the earth

A few from our collection

Digital Business Card Design 1

Design 1

Digital Business Card Design 4

Design 4

Digital Business Card Design 7

Design 7

Digital Business Card Design 2

Design 2

Digital Business Card Design 5

Design 5

Digital Business Card Design 8

Design 8

Digital Business Card Design 3

Design 3

Digital Business Card Design 6

Design 6

Digital Business Card Design 9

Design 9


Responsive Design

Beautifully designed cards that adjust to every smart phones resolution

Fully Secure

Your contact details are fully secure and protected by best in the class technology

Easy Sharing

Share over SMS, email, whatsapp or get your own 

QR code.

Save contact

All your contacts information can be saved onto the phone's contact list or to Google spreadsheet

Connect easy

Your new contacts can easily recognize you and get back in touch at a tap of a button

Check Analytics

Just in case you are interested to know, how you are doing. Check analytics

​Pricing plans


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Less than 50 people

Cool Designs
Animated cards
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Large businesses 

Cool Designs
Animated cards
Custom designs
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