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Enterprise Grade Features

Explore our diverse range of NFC cards design to meet your unique professions.

Security and Fraud Prevention

Utilize enterprise-grade Grade Security

Your data is fully secure and protected by best-in-class technology. ISO and GDPR-certified.

Digital business cards are secure and can help to prevent fraud in a number of ways, including encryption, authentication, and fraud detection.
They also eliminate the need to exchange physical cards, provide a way to track who has viewed your card, and make it easy to update your contact information. 


Utilize Enterprise Grade Integrations

Enterprise-grade integrations like CRM and HRM systems are critical component of digital business cards, allowing them to be integrated with other enterprise systems providing a number of benefits, including improved efficiency, enhanced insights, and increased security.
CRM integration can automate tasks such as tracking contact interactions saving time and reducing errors, while also providing insights usage of digital business cards. HRM integration can also be used to streamline the onboarding process and improving efficiency.


Customization opportunity for Enterprise Users

Digital visiting cards are highly customizable, with most providers offering a variety of options, including contact information, design, branding, and interactive elements. 
To customize your digital business card, simply log in to your account on the provider's website or app and make your desired changes, which will be reflected immediately.
For example, you can easily update your contact information, edit the design of your card, add your company logo or social media links, and incorporate interactive elements such as buttons or forms.
Once you are happy with the customization, you can share your digital business card with your contacts via email, text message, or social media, or embed it on your website or blog.

Employee Management

Convenient and Easy Management

Digital business cards can make employee management much easier by centralizing management, ensuring up-to-date contact information, customizing permissions, and providing valuable insights.

To manage employees, create a centralized directory of digital business cards, give employees the ability to edit their own cards, track how they use their cards, and integrate with your CRM system. Choose a provider with robust management features, set clear guidelines for employees, check in regularly, and use analytics to improve training and development programs. Overall, digital business cards can help you manage employees more effectively and grow your business.