6 Reasons to switch to digital business cards

By - Sravan
27.08.20 09:22:42

And why it has become critical for your business

In the digital era, the majority of interactions with customers and employees are taking place virtually. And in addition to this, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every single industry and working digitally is the only means to stay in the market through mandated shutdowns and restricted activity. It’s going digital or go dark.

How many times have you been given a business card and misplaced it? In the present scenario and near future contactless contact sharing would make the paper-based cards extinct.


Six Reasons to switch to a digital business card:

1. Easy to share

You can effortlessly share your digital business card with your clients and people. All you need to do is to share the card via email, social media and text SMS.

 2. Easy to save

Every digital business card you receive from your prospects can be directly saved into phone your mobile phone directory or you store it in connectvith.me as CVM contact

 3. Add media attachments

You can attach media links to your digital business card. You could add pictures and videos of your work, and sign up forms. This is one of the easiest ways to showcase your work virtually to the clients.

 4. Adequate space

One of the most substantial benefits of digital business cards is unlike the paper cards you can store as much information as you want in one place. You could include work-related URLs and social media accounts.

Using platforms like ConnectVith.Me, you can conveniently store all your contacts, connections and social media accounts.

 5. Hassle-free updating

An issue with the paper cards is that whenever you update information, you need to redesign and reprint the cards. That made them costly for small businesses. But that is not the issue with the digital counterparts. A digital business card design lets you instantly update the information.
6. Effortless customization

Customizing your details on paper cards is a difficult task as you have to incorporate new elements now and then, and then the card has to go again through the printing process. On the other hand, digital business cards can be quickly customized using business card maker software. With this, you can cut down money, time and paper.

Sharing you digital business card is easier than ever before; you can send and accept cards miles away in one click. Get in touch with us to create your business card. Make a digital business card that grabs everyone’s eye!