Establish your brand using Digital Business Cards

By - Sravan
21.08.20 18:24:14

1. Establish a solid brand identity

Before you start creating online promotions, it's important to shape the integrity and aesthetics of the brand. Create a logo and write an eye-catching tagline which speaks about your brand. 


2. Grow your network

Going digital is best for both networking and the environment. Being active on social media is the most reliable way to increase your brand visibility. However, not all social media channels are suited for your brand, so it's essential to spend time and effort on ones that will generate income and be a useful advertising tool. 


3. Create digital business cards

The first impression is the best. An eye-catching well-designed Digital Business Card can help you seize that best impression in your client's mind. A good digital business card will stick with your prospects and help your them to connect back to you ina single click. Digital business cards are always handy when you need them and never run out. Since 90% of the paper visiting cards land up in trash after 2 weeks, there is only a small chance that your prospects will find you, when they are actually looking for you.

Advantages of digital business cards:



While creating a Digital Business Card, you should have access to choose themes, colors and links. You can add buttons, links, pages and select custom colors and themes.


  Analytical insights 

For Enterprises, platforms such as ConnectVith.Me provide insights to admins to check the number of cards opened, shared and saved through a real-time location of the prospect. These statistics help to identify the best sales assistant.


  Regular Smart Updates

You should be able to make changes, and it should be automatically updated in your business card. Don't spend time or money printing new business cards. Create your first digital business card using Digital Business card platforms.


  Easy to Send & Share

You can easily share your digital business card to a countless number of prospects, over digital channels - it's that easy. Digital Business cards over email, SMS, whatsapp or even a QR Code.


  Unique link

Each Digital card link that you send conveys a personalized connection with your prospects. Recipients can also forward your card to their contacts who then can view your details by just one click. 

ConnectVith.Me is one of the best platforms  to create the great looking digital business cards within a couple of minutes. Our secure network ensures to protect the personal information of yours and your employees. Get in touch with us to create your business card.