Digital Business Cards for the Enterprise

By - Sravan
01.09.20 09:59:07

Business cards are the traditional means of sharing contact information to further business interests, across the globe. It's so essential that when a person thinks of starting a business, one of the first things they do is to a create business card.

As the world is advancing, so is the technology and the ease of living. Digital solutions are fast replacing paper-based solutions for information exchange. Most paper based solutions are going digital including business cards.


Some of the challenges paper business cards have are:

1.    You could lose/run out of/ forget business cards

2.    Contact info in physical form is cumbersome to manage and distribute and have low shelf life

3.    You could receive a card but forget to add the contact details to your phone book

Digital Business cards have all your details encoded in a standard VCF file. The file can be exchanged with potential prospects via SMS, Email, WhatsApp or QR code.

Any Enterprise Digital business cards platform should provide a complete suite of features to store, manage and engage their employees and contacts. It should also provide an e-business card exchange feature that enables the user to share their contact information. A mobile version of the same would also be convenient. Integrations with HRM Systems would make life easier for admins. The following is a list of features that we normally expect from such a platfom.

Enterprise module features:


1. Create your corporate identity

Enterprise account provides you with a centralized business management solution to create and manage Digital cards for all employees. You can add brand images, social media links, videos and URLs as well.


2. Check the usage

The analytics section provides you with an overview of the best performing agents or sales personnel. Geo location insights on card opens, shares, time series analytics and much more.


3. Remove misuse

By use of paper business cards, it's difficult for enterprises to control if an ex-employee continues to display business card over social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. With ConnectVith.Me digital business card, the admin can quickly disable the ex-employee card.


4 .No logistic hassles

With the help of a digital business card maker, you no longer have to look into printing, shipping and tracking the delivery of the cards. Digital cards are created instantly


5. Highly secure

The data is stored and transmitted only over secure means and is entirely safe. The infrastructure is built on robust platforms provided by Amazon and backed up on Google cloud infrastructure.


6. Organize data

The solution also helps you to tag your cards easily according to name, company or profession.

ConnectVith.Me is one of the best digital platforms to create the finest digital business cards in minutes. Get in touch with us to create business cards for your enterprise.