Electronic Business Cards – The Smart Green Solution for Your Business

By - Marcom
01.10.22 15:59:50

Due to COVID-19, there has been a seismic shift towards anything digital. As to McKinsey research, the pandemic has hastened the digitization of consumer interactions by at least 3 to 4 years. This comes with digitalization and with Electronic Business cards.

With this push for digitization, one thing, in particular, is becoming digitized at a fast rate.

It’s the standard, paper-based business card.


Due to their limits and the steady growth in the number of smartphone users, traditional business cards are currently being replaced with digital business cards (a.k.a. electronic business cards) en masse.


In fact, as per this analysis, the digital business card market is predicted to exceed US$ 242.3 million at an 11.2% CAGR by 2027, with North America driving this adoption boom.


But what really is fueling this acceptance and are digital business cards actually helpful?

Electronic Business Cards - Some of the common questions which might hit your mind are.

  • Are digital business cards worth it?
  • How to find the finest digital business card solution: 9 Things to consider
  • 8 Best digital business card producers in 2022
  • Final verdict: Which digital business card option should you choose?
  • Are digital business cards worth it?

The answer is a loud YES. Here are the top 4 factors that make digital business cards preferable to their traditional counterparts:

They quickly transmit information and are easy to share:

Unlike their paper-based predecessors, electronic business cards deliver contact information instantaneously. The recipient may merely scan, tap, or click a digital business card and record the data on their devices in less than a minute.


Moreover, e-business cards may be readily shared by QR Codes, email, social media, SMS, etc.


The best part? Some of the apps provided by you do not require any kind of digital business cards. A user may instantaneously and directly access the encoded information upon engaging with the card.

They let you track customer engagement:

With traditional business cards, there is no way to tell whether a client engaged with them unless the individual contacted you.


Did they dispose of your card or attempt phoning you but couldn’t get through? You wouldn’t know.


But with a digital business card, you can track if your customer engaged with it or retarget them on Google and Facebook if they haven’t done the necessary action yet.


Electronic Business Card: eco-friendly

Over 7 million trees are chopped down every year to produce paper business cards. The trend for digital business cards is helping organizations do business responsibly and sustainably.


Remote work is driving the demand for digital contact sharing

As more and more organizations go remote, client-facing workers are seeking ways to exchange their contact information digitally. This is further boosting the usage of electronic business cards.


Because of this increased need for digital business cards, firms are actively seeking dependable and strong digital business card solutions.


If you Google ‘best digital business card’, you’ll get hundreds of alternatives. But, most of them are not capable enough to offer the desired outcomes and positively affect the ROI for your organization.

So to make things easier for you here is one of the best Business Card Producers for your Business Card.


How to find the finest digital business card solution: 9 Things to consider

First, let’s analyze the 9 most crucial qualities and characteristics of the greatest digital business card producers.


Note: After testing all 8 answers in this list, I have awarded ratings out of 10 based on the following 9 factors.


There is also an aggregate rating for each option to assist you to select better.

E-business card: Ease of Use:

Make sure the solution is straightforward to use so anybody can produce a digital business card. Usually, the easiest method to figure that out is by signing up for a free trial of the digital business card generator.

Page Construct Capabilities

How readily and elegantly can you design your contact information page, and what sort of features (social media handles, location, website URL) can you include on your card?

Analytics & Tracking

Does the system help you measure client interaction (number of card views, views by location and devices, user demographics, and more)?

E-Visiting Card: User Interface

Is the product interface clean, intuitive, and consistent enough to give an excellent user experience?


Since clients and consumers are eager to trust you by connecting with your digital business card, you must select a system that has the finest security requirements. These are the top security aspects to look out for GDPR and SOC-2 Type 2 compliance, URL-based phishing detection, SSO authentication, data encryption, and custom domain.


Does the solution give outstanding value at a reasonable price?


Ease of Sharing

Does the digital business card creator help you quickly share your digital business card in different ways?

Mass Creation

Large teams hunt for a solution that can help them bulk produce hundreds or thousands of digital business cards. Check if the solution has the bulk creation feature.

API & Integrations

Does the solution include API access and/or integrations to help you automate digital business card creation?


This is vital, particularly for small firms that cannot afford to acquire third-party software to automate their e-business card generation process.

To dive further, the following factors are of more relevance than the ones indicated above:


  • Security: As you generate digital business cards for your employees with their personal or professional details, it is vital to find a system that keeps this data private.
  • Analytics & tracking: It is vital to understand how your electronic business card functions. This may be done with the aid of a solution that gives complete and valuable information.
  • APIs, Integrations & Bulk Production: To swiftly produce digital business cards at scale, it is vital for the solution to have API access, integrations with other relevant tools, and bulk creation capabilities.

I strongly propose choosing great solutions in certain sectors while being good in others.

Electronic Business Card - Frequently asked questions

What is an electronic business card?

An electronic business card, a.k.a. digital business card, is a fast and clever method to transmit your contact data. These digital cards can contain your basic contact information such as name, phone number, and designation, and multimedia material such as user images, Google Maps locations, and numerous social network connections.


What is included when you send an electronic business card?

The material delivered via your electronic business card depends on the digital business card solution you pick. This is because every digital business card solution does not enable you to add multimedia material — photos, Google Maps location, and social network connections to your e-card.


But when you utilize solutions like Beaconstac, HiHello, etc., you can add both basic contact data and multimedia content to your card to make it more interesting for your clients.

What should be on a digital business card?

The information to be put into a digital business card relies on your requirements. Make sure the required contact data are linked to your e-business card. In addition, you may link to your social network handles, YouTube videos, Calendly link, workplace address, website URL, and much more.

Are digital business cards helpful?

Absolutely. Digital business cards are preferable to their old counterparts since they allow for rapid and safe contact exchange. Moreover, virtual business cards are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and trackable.