How are companies gaining traction during COVID ?

By - Sravan
08.09.20 17:26:22
Digital technologies

Covid-19 pandemic has spread like wildfire across the world. The virus has affected the livelihood and many are at the risk of losing it. It has also let many marketers step back to rethink about the relationships with consumers. This, in turn, has triggered the fundamental changes in doing business.


Every crisis brings with it an opportunity for profound change. This time, the opportunity has come in the form of adoption of digital technology.

Covid-19 has accelerated the digitization of services across the globe and adoption of products is helping the stakeholders access the services seamlessly 


Covid-19, undoubtedly, is a challenge for the businesses. But some companies have opened a window for new opportunities. Some of the products and industries which gained more traction are:

1. Tech gadgets

As employees and students are staying at home, work from home and online classes have become the new everyday life. The use of gadgets like smartphones and laptops are increasing rapidly.


2. OTT platforms

Usage of OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar has increased. The usage has been too high that some of these platforms have had to limit the viewing quality.


3. E-commerce

Online orders have increased in Retail and food delivery. E-commerce platforms like Amazon had struggled at the start of the pandemic due to a break in the supply chain because of strict lockdown. Now, post lockdown, the approximate revenue of the quarter has increased four times for some of the e-commerce players.


4. Telecom operators

All the mentioned above can only be used if there's an internet connection.

The increased usage of mobile network and broadband has increased the average revenue per user.


5. Virtual Events & Digital Business cards

Industry related events are the meeting place where business interests are matched and deals forged. Given the current situation, events have moved online but what about handshakes and exchanging a paper business card during a conference? Virtual meetings have become the new normal life. The only way to exchange personal information is through a digital business card.


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