Make Your Own Digital NFC Card for Business

By - Marcom
03.10.22 11:08:40

Sharing a real business NFC Card when networking is ingrained in corporate culture. We are aware of this. Rather than being inflexible and insisting that we use "paper cards only", we provide both a tangible and digital choice for revealing your professional identification everywhere you go.


After all, what's the sense of being the top digital business card supplier in the world if consumers can't share their vcard in the way they want? As a result, using, you may create your own NFC business card in the app or dashboard and link it to your preferred virtual business card.


You can create your NFC card, and we encode, test, and mail it to you. Simple!

NFC Card: What Exactly is a Business Card

It may appear to be another unneeded abbreviation, but it is actually very simple to grasp. NFC, or 'Near Field Communication,' business cards have a chip that can be synchronized with your  digital business card. These cards are also known as "RFID" cards (Radio-frequency identification), which is another title for the same technology.


When you wish to share your information, just tap your NFC business card on a compatible smartphone to bring up a link containing your card; it's quite magical!


NFC cards are now available for purchase through our app and website. If you already have another company's NFC card, you may encode it with your card by encoding your card link onto it.


So, if you're unhappy with the software that came with your NFC device from another vendor, you may rebuild your NFC business card or tag it with your digital business card!


A digital business card combined with an NFC business card allows users to share who they are with anybody, wherever. An NFC business card, when combined with a virtual business card, will rapidly become an important component of your networking toolset.


Furthermore, if you utilize, your receiver will not need to install any software in order to receive your NFC business card details or exchange their information with you. Simply tap your NFC card on the smartphone of the receiver, and a link to your digital business card will show on their screen.


When handing out your NFC business card to an iPhone user, be sure you tap the visit card design at the top of the recipient's phone.


If you're giving your NFC business card to an Android user, their card with an NFC reader is in the center of their smartphone, so touch your NFC card there.


Remember that you may share your card using your iPhone or Android phone, Apple Watch, Smartphone widget, QR code, SMS, email, and other methods.

How Does an NFC Business Card Assist You in Networking?

There are various ways that an NFC business card may enhance your networking experience and help you stand out from the crowd.

NFC Card: Spread The Enchantment

Consider the following scenario: the pitch is coming to an end, your team has worked tirelessly to create an outstanding deck, and you don't want to go empty-handed. "Do you have a card?" As everyone around the table stood to say their goodbyes, the primary client inquired.


Normally, you would pass them a piece of paper bearing your name, but not this time.


"Sure," you say, pulling out your NFC visit card design and tapping it on the top of the client's iPhone. They are astounded, and your digital business card link appears in an instant. As they store your information directly to their device, their amazement transforms to adoration, "where did you say you got it again?"

Prepare Yourself.

Weaning teams (and executives) away from pricey, not to mention unsustainable, paper cards may be difficult. Offering NFC business cards may be the necessary bridge to get them on board.


Your team can have it all: top-rated digital business card software AND a physical card they can take with them and share with clients whenever they see fit. Whatever the occasion, you can be certain that they will be prepared.


If you meet a new contact who is using an earlier model of phone, don't worry; each NFC business card contains a QR code printed on the back side that can be scanned to communicate your information. There is no commotion.

NFC Card: Create Your Own Brand.

You may personalize your NFC card as you like with NFC business cards. Add your logo as standard on all cards (unlike some suppliers, we do not charge you more).


If you want special colors or a completely unique design, we will offer you templates to create your card from, and we will faithfully match your cards when they are produced.


For bigger teams, simply fill up your design and provide a list of team members who want an NFC business card, and we'll take care of the rest.


Our cards with NFC business cards is composed of high-quality, long-lasting plastic that is designed to be shared again. Don't buy another batch of paper business cards that will inevitably wind up in the trash, misplaced, or as the filter tip of your adolescent son's rollie.