Why is Online Business Card Preferred in Recent Times? 7 Best Reasons

By - Marcom
03.10.22 10:30:45

Printed business cards exude an air of sophistication. However, digital business cards offer several advantages. Here are some of the reasons why you might consider switching to an Online Business Card.


Printed business cards were once used by professionals and businesses to provide their contact information. However, as digital technology advances and practically everyone has an online presence, having a digital business card makes sense.


But, exactly, what is an Online Visiting Card? And what exactly does it do? Discover why you should have a digital business card available to send to your contacts by reading on.

Quickly and easily share contact information

The fundamental purpose of Online Business Cards is to exchange information. Previously, printed calling cards were used, and all you had to do was pull one from your breast pocket or card carrier and deliver it to someone.


While giving out your card is a simple process, there is always the possibility that the other individual would misplace it. Furthermore, your card will most likely get lost in a stack of other business cards. After all, if they need something, their first thought is likely to be to pull out their phone and Google it.


Instead of a paper card, send your acquaintance a digital business card. When you exchange a digital card with someone who has a smartphone, some of them will instantly add you to their contact book. This ensures that your contact will always have your contact information with them, rather than collecting dust in their office desk drawer.

Online Business Card: Increase Your Network

When you make a business card, you normally simply include your name, company, position, email address, and phone number. It may contain one or two links leading your contact to your professional social media pages. But that's pretty much all. If you try to include additional information, your business card will become cluttered and less appealing.



With digital business cards, this is not an issue. Instead of putting links one by one on your card, you may share all of your profiles by using a QR code or URL that connects to your Link in Bio page. As a result, your contacts will be able to add your profile to their favorite social networking site.

Have All of Your Information in One Place

Digital business cards may be used for more than just boosting your social media contacts. Because you can put almost any link on these cards, you may utilize that functionality to add all kinds of details to them.


If you run a restaurant and want to guide customers there, you may include a Google Maps link on your digital card. When your contacts are looking for a place to eat for lunch or dinner, all they have to do is a glance at your card and hit the link that will take them directly to your eating area.


When zoomed out, you may even build a huge digital business card that shows your general information. When the individual looking at the card zooms in on the image, they will be able to see details such as your portfolio. There is no limit to the amount of information you may include on your digital business card, as long as you can do it elegantly.

Update Your Information Immediately

The ability to rapidly change your information without having to print new Online Visiting Cards is another benefit of digital business cards. If you have a digital business card app and need to make changes quickly, you may do it from your phone, and it will update all contacts who have a copy of your card.


Assume you lose your phone and need to acquire a new phone number. Naturally, you don't want any of your professional connections calling the old number. Simply changing your contact information on your business card will guarantee that calls are routed to the right number.

Online Business Card: It is inexpensive.

While many people still value finely produced business cards, they are rather expensive to keep. You pay for your card every time you hand it to a contact—after all, you have to pay for both the card and the printer.


Worse, any modifications you make to your information invalidate your current set of calling cards. So, if you change offices, obtain a new professional phone number, or get promoted, you'll almost certainly need to get a new set of business cards. If you have an Online Visiting Card, though, all you need to do is make a few changes to the data and you're ready to go.


You may order a fresh set of cards without going to the printers. Furthermore, whether you're using a Linked in Bio page or a link shortener, you just need to make modifications to the links in the impacted sites; there's no need to update anything on your card.


Online Business Card: It Benefits the Environment

When you go digital, you not only save money but also save a few trees. You don't have to buy paper stock, which is generally made from newly cut trees if you don't print your business cards. And if you stop printing cards and cease utilizing plastic-based materials, you minimize plastic waste.


If you glance at the office desktops of many corporate workers, you'll undoubtedly discover heaps of abandoned business cards someplace. These cards are basically collecting dust, and when they move on to another business or retire, the cards will most likely be discarded.


Consider the millions of trees that have been felled and all of the other resources that have been depleted in order to create tonnes of paper stocks for business cards. We can cut down on waste by minimizing our use of printed business cards.

Online Business Card: More Creative Freedom

When using a printed business card, you have limited space. These business cards can only include so much information due to their 3.5 by 2-inch dimensions. Even though a card has two sides, you are restricted to 14 square inches when creating it. Furthermore, it can only be used to display text and images.


When making a digital card, though, you are only restricted by your imagination. You may add rich media to your calling card in addition to links and QR codes if you desire.


You're also not restricted by space because you can quickly add minute details to your card using the zoom tool on your smartphone. You may, for example, design a huge, high-resolution business card that displays your general contact information when zoomed out. When you zoom in, you may utilize that area to display your portfolio, entire address, or any other information you wish to include.

Online Business Card: It's Time to Make the Switch to Digital

With all of these benefits, it's time to obtain a digital business card. It's simple to construct, and you may create unique designs that suit your company and personality. Your inventiveness is not restricted by the physical environment while using digital cards.


A printed business card may still be worthwhile; reserve it for VIPs who appreciate a beautiful and well-made card. However, for everyday usage, a digital card is an excellent method to remain in contact and make new relationships.