Rise of the Digital Business card

By - Sravan
04.09.20 10:15:20

Current pandemic has increased the need for remote work, online networking, and virtual events as business has to go on, and this led to the need for an electronic way to share contact information.

 Digital business cards are on the rise.

The digital business card free version allows the user to create and send cards to potential prospects with a limited range of templates, customization options and styles. The business and enterprise plans have all the customizations options, tracking features and the employees can add animated videos to their digital business cards. Even Google has started enabling virtual cards for individuals in a limited way.

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Uses of a digital business card


1. Email signature

An email signature talks about your brand. A personalized signature is a great way to end an email as it gives the recipient more business information. Now, you can complete your email using connectvith.me digital business card.


2. Branding

You can brand your company using connectvith.me digital business card. You will be able to show the company USPs using connectvith.me add URL option. Using add URL option, you can add videos and images to your digital business card.


3. Share

You care your digital business card with your colleagues, employees and potential prospects via email, SMS, WhatsApp and QR code. This way of sharing is convenient, fast, and reliable, and you can also exponentially increase your productivity.


4. Track

Have you ever thought you could track your digital business card? Using connectvith.me, you can track your business card and can see how many times your card is being been shared and from which location.


5. QR code

Using connectvith.me QR code option you can easily share your digital business card.


6. Save contact

You can save all the contacts you have received to your phone's contact list or to Google spreadsheet.


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