Virtual Visiting Card - A New Era of The Marketing World

By - Marcom
10.10.22 11:28:01

You may have heard of the term "virtual business card" as they are becoming more common, but do you know why they are so well-liked? Networking is still an important element of business, but traditional business cards aren't keeping up with the needs of modern networking.


It's no wonder that people are turning virtual, with more storage than conventional paper business cards, contact management, and different methods to share.

What Exactly is a Digital Business Card?

The ideal approach to convey your contact information is through virtual business card, sometimes referred to as digital business cards, virtual meeting cards, and mobile business cards. The similarities, however, end there.


Virtual business cards may include more than just a name, phone number, and email address.


You may include it in:

  • social media accounts
  • Logos
  • Images
  • Movies
  • PDFs, and
  • many other things.


Because virtual business cards are flexible, there are no space limits, and you may change your card at any moment.


Aside from being a superior business card in general, virtual business cards make contact management a snap.


Maintaining relationships has become much easier thanks to virtual business cards, which enable you to arrange contacts into groups, take notes, and match a name to a face.

Is It Possible for My Organization to Utilize Virtual Business Card?

For many businesses, designing, purchasing, and printing paper business cards for workers is a logistical headache. Paper business cards might give you a headache due to their high pricing, typos, and delivery charges.


Switching to virtual business cards saves money and eliminates all of the hassles associated with traditional cards. If you want to provide your employees with virtual business cards.

Why to Use?

If you haven't already made your virtual business card, here are a few additional reasons to ditch the wallet-sized pieces of paper.

Never Leave Your Credit Card at Home

Have you ever met someone and discovered you forgot your business cards or just ran out? But how frequently do you leave your phone at home? With virtual visiting cards, you can share your business card with anybody who has a phone, laptop, or even an Apple Watch.

Protect The Trees

Going paperless is getting increasingly fashionable, so why are people still printing business cards? Every year, almost seven million trees are chopped down to print paper business cards, with 90% of them being discarded within a week of being exchanged. Using virtual cards saves a substantial amount of paper.

Conserve Money

Physical business cards cost the typical person $194 each year. By using virtual visiting /business cards, you may distribute your card to whomever you want without spending a dime!


Assume you want a more premium business card experience. In such a situation, ConnectVithMe provide digital business cards at the lowest cost possible to you. ConnectVithMe even have ideas for digital business cards for teams and companies.

Consistently Follow Up

It might be tough to remember to follow up with a relationship. Lost connections result from misplaced business cards, forgetting who you had that excellent discussion with, or failing to follow up. Follow-ups are simple when you use virtual business cards.


You may categorize your new contacts, make follow-up reminders, and add notes to help you recall key information. Better follow-ups imply stronger bonds.

Maintain A Germ-Free Environment

Whether you are networking electronically or in person, utilizing a virtual card to provide contact information eliminates the need to worry about germs. You may share a virtual business card by QR codes, text, email, link, and other methods, allowing you to exchange business cards without physically exchanging them.

Virtual Visiting Card: Make A Lasting Impact

Most digital visiting cards make an impression, and virtual business cards are the greatest method to accomplish this. ConnectVithMe makes it simple to personalize your card. Choose from a variety of card styles and colors, then add your photo and logo to make your card reflect your business.

Make A Contact List

When you choose ConnectVithMe for your digital cards, you also receive a self-healing address book. Not only can you organize contacts, but active contacts will also update themselves automatically as information changes.


That is, if a phone number, email address, or other information changes, live contacts will update the information so that everyone gets the most up-to-date information.