Why go with Digital cards

By - Sravan
29.12.18 11:39:49

Experiences with conferences

Most of us visit several events and conferences in a year.  There is always a tendency to forget business cards or run out of them after giving out a few.  This happens to most of us.  Sometimes we are at the receiving end, when we walk up to someone only to find out they are out of cards. Exchanging business cards is a very vital aspect of networking.  The more tech savvy ones take a picture, give a missed  or send a text message.  In an event where we meet tens of dozens of folks, it  is very difficult to remember the context, leave alone put a face to the conversation and the context.

With everything going digital, why not the business cards? In fact they have, but unfortunately in the form of business card scanner apps. The problem is lessened a bit but there still is a need for the card and the scanner app. Scanner apps do allow you to scan the card and save to contacts, and thereby sync your contacts to the cloud. But is this enough?

This works for some, but a few would be more methodical in what we do after the conference. Listing all the contacts down in a spreadsheet / CRM and then sort them out in priority before furiously following up.  What if instead of exchanging physical cards, we exchange Digital Cards that are actionable and also help in organizing the contacts?  Boy, wouldn't that be nice.